Geared-up Gadgets
Build five fun gadgets and learn about gears and transmissions. Create a helicopter model with a rotor that spins using a rubber band-powered motor. Assemble a spinner toy that you wind up to launch a fast-spinning top.

Make a centripetal force machine
$ 32.50
Haynes - Machine Works 4 Cyl Engine
Build your own fully working model of a 4 cylinder petrol car engine with ignition sound and illuminating spark plugs.
The kit contains all the tools you'll need for assembly and over 100 parts. The model engine is great fun to put together and a practica
$ 79.95
Kinetic Machines
Make five awesome machines and learn about the physics of force, motion, and energy. Construct a rubber band-powered race car that zooms across the floor.

Build a catapult and launch objects through the air. Set up a launching device that propels a moto
$ 32.50
Remote-Control Machines: Animals
Construct a whole zoo’s worth of remote-controlled animals with mechanical insides covered by colorful plastic “skins.” The animals all move using different mechanisms, each one mimicking the movement of the real animal it represents. A two-button remote
$ 99.00
Remote-Control Machines: Space Explorers
Ready your courageous robots for a mission to the moon, Mars, or beyond! With this engineering kit, you can build a remote-controlled model of a robotic rover resembling the ones used to explore Mars. Deploy your Mars rover in the backyard or sandbox and
$ 198.00
UDEAS - Bamboo Build & Run -Advanced Set Marble
Advanced set..89 pieces..multiple ways to construct ,booklet provided . Build fun marble runs
$ 134.00
UDEAS - Bamboo Build & Run -Musical Set Marble
Multiple ways of constructing marble runs..encouraging early engineering skills.Create beautiful music by marbles going on chiming metal connections ,98 pieces of building construction.
$ 134.00