Thinking Puzzles

Wooden PuzzleObject: Separate & Reassemble
Separate the three interlocking blocks and reassemble them back together. Looks Easy- but Tricky to reassemble. Great Novelty gift for all the family.
$ 19.95
4 Puzzles In A Wooden Box
This set of 4 quality hardwood puzzles includes the Snake Cube, the Soma Cube, the Burr Puzzle and the Star Puzzle. All are packed in beautiful timber box with lid. The individual puzzles are approx 50mm x 50mm x 50mm in size.
$ 35.95
Clef Note
This puzzles is a little different to any other clef note! Can you find the key to solving it??
$ 24.95
Bermuda Triangle
Wooden PuzzleObject: Reassemble the 7 blocks back into box
$ 24.95