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Quadrillion Click & Play by Smart Games
Countless challenges and solutions… but can you find one?
Start a new challenge in a snap, with no direction required! Just place the magnetic grids together and start playing.
Can you fit the 12 puzzle pieces n the
$ 39.95
Froggit by Smart Games - MULTI PLAYER GAMECross the pond but beware of the fish!
Guide your frogs across the pond and block other players from doing the same. The first player to get their entire frog family to the other side wins the game. But watch out,
$ 49.95
Colour Code - Smart Game
Colour Code Smart Game
$ 39.99
The walls are constantly shifting in this unique puzzle game!
Arrange the walls and the stairs to create a path through the Temple...but in this maze the walls constantly shift! Starter challenges can be solved in just a few moves, but the harder challeng
$ 27.00
Down The Rabbit Hole Magnetic - Smart Games
Down the Rabbit Hole by Smart Games
An underground puzzle adventure!

Mr. Fox, Mr. Badger and the Family Rabbit are looking for cozy new homes. But with so many forest animals living underground, they need your help so they don't end up digging in the wro
$ 19.95
ThinkFun - Invasion of the Cow Snatchers
Mooove the Magnets Logic Game Take control of your very own UFO to solve magnetic challenges! Manoeuvre your way over and around farm obstacles while beaming up cows. The 40 Easy to Super Hard challenges are great for beginner puzzlers, while the 20 Geniu
$ 59.95
Mindo - Dog
Mindo - Puppy
By Blue Orange Games

The Mindo Collection consists of 4 clever puzzles; can you collect and master them all? Play solo, or combine them and race your friends. No matter which version you choose the rules are the same: turn and flip the doub
$ 20.00
X Large - Jump In
EXTRA LARGE Jump’in • Ages 7+ • Smart Games 100 Challenges
XXL version of this game, perfect for schools or demonstrations. This Jump’In XXL version is much bigger and includes 40 extra challenges with a black rabbit on top of the existing 60 challenges (
$ 79.95
Slide Quest
Slide Quest by Blue Orange Games - Ages 7 and UP1-4 Players
The kingdom is in total chaos! Work together to guide this brave rolling knight through 20 adventures filled with twists and traps. Players each hold on to a lever and guide the moving platform i
$ 49.95
Brain Train - Smart Games
Brain Train by Smart Games
All aboard for shape sorting fun!

Train your brain with this colorful shape sorting game…that doubles as a toy! Can you match the shapes as shown in the challenge and place them in the right sequence? Each level offers fewer hi
$ 45.00
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty by Smart Games
Help rescue Sleeping Beauty by navigating through a maze to the castle... or play as the dragon.

Includes 48 challenges and a picture book.
$ 44.95
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