MUHLE Stylo Safety Razor. Handle made of Africa Blackwood
Grenadilla or African Blackwood has been used in Europe for 500 years, initially to manufacture musical instruments. It is one of the hardest woods worldwide and displays a particularly beautiful, dark brown to black grain.
$ 149.95
Lucky Tiger Ointment Jar 4oz
The Lucky Tiger Barbershop Classics Skin Ointment, perfect for skin irritations, Psoriasis and as a treatment for dandruff, also provides relief from itching, burns, bites and scratches.
$ 22.95
Proraso Shave Foam Green Tea Sensitive 300ml White
Formulated with Oatmeal extract & green tea and its suitable even for the most sensitive skin.
$ 19.95
Proraso Pre-Shave Cypress Vetiver 100ml
Enriched with precious oils, its consistency and thickness protects the skin, allowing a single blade to glide smoothly. Use before shaving to ensure softness and comfort. Fragrance of Cypress to Cedarwood and Vetiver.
$ 32.95
Proraso Pre-Shave Cream with Green Tea/Oatmeal Sensitive 100ml White
A gentle cream with a mild fragrance suitable for even the most sensitive skin. This formula is made with soothing ingredients such as Oatmeal and Green tea extract to moisturise and soften the skin.
$ 19.95
Stash Box Gift Set
Based upon an old apothecary set, the T&D 'stash box' is a one-stop shop of shaving and skincare gold that makes an ideal grooming kit or gift set for a modern man.
Stocked with a tube of Old Fashioned Shave Cream, a genuine Silvertip Synthetic Fibre Shav
$ 189.00