Conditioner 500ml Bottle
Yin to your Yang, this Cucumber & Mint fragranced conditioner is the other half of the story, the part where the tanned hero swings down from the trees to save the day.

Silicone free, rich in Keratin, Argan oil and fortified with the natural benefits
$ 44.95
Shampoo 500ml Bottle
Soft notes of Mint mix with Acacia Concinna, Desert Date & Tazmen Pepper to deliver a balanced, nourishing shampoo. Sulphate and Silicone free, Triumph & Disaster Shampoo is enriched with Hydrolysed Keratin & Argan oil that will leave hair and scalp clean
$ 44.95
Do One Two Kit
Introducing Do One Two, the boxed combination of Ritual Face Cleanser and Rock & Roll Face Scrub to fight dirty pores and dead cells without ever drying your skin out.

Did somebody say 'knock out gift'? Ding Ding Ding!
$ 69.00
Slick Gorilla Lightwork Pomade 70g
Paraben-free water based hair styling clay infused with
natural, ethically-sourced ingredients. Ideal for weightless
texture and movement. Light to medium hold that can be
re-worked. Works with any hair type. Ideal choice for a more
natural look or ma
$ 34.95
Slick Gorilla Sea Salt Spray
The paraben free sea salt spray gives your hair the tousled beach look.


Spray a generous amount directly onto your hair and style as necessary
$ 34.95
Captain Fawcett The Gentlemen's Tipple Whiskey Beard Oil Travel  10ml
An opulent elixir which is lavishly infused with the aroma notes of the Captain's preferred wee dram. It is handmade in small batches and contains 4 nourishing base oils: Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Sunflower Seed and Vitamin E, and blended with Fragrance (parf
$ 33.10
MUHLE Stylo Safety Razor. Handle made of Africa Blackwood
Grenadilla or African Blackwood has been used in Europe for 500 years, initially to manufacture musical instruments. It is one of the hardest woods worldwide and displays a particularly beautiful, dark brown to black grain.
$ 149.95
Lucky Tiger Ointment Jar 4oz
The Lucky Tiger Barbershop Classics Skin Ointment, perfect for skin irritations, Psoriasis and as a treatment for dandruff, also provides relief from itching, burns, bites and scratches.
$ 22.95
Lucky Tiger Liquid Face Wash 8oz
Use this gentle daily face wash any time of day to clean, clear and energize skin for a manly, well-groomed look.
$ 36.95
Captain Fawcett Douglas Laing's Big Peat Moustache Wax 15ml
Skilfully blending Douglas’s much lauded smokey ‘BIG PEAT’ Islay Malt Whisky with Cedarwood, Cinnamon leaf, Vanilla and Cade essential oils has resulted in a luxuriously scented upper lip topiary stiffener.

Limited Edition
Handmade in the UK
$ 33.95
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