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llselotte, Peter's best friend, is also available in 45cm size!

The entrance is at the back of the head. In addition, the tongue can also be played with one finger. As desired, either the left arm can be played with a hand or the right arm with a hand. All hand accesses are dimensioned in such a way that the figures can be played on equally well by children and adults.

The easy playability, the originality of the characters, the loving workmanship and the best materials make the hand puppets special. The high educational play value is enormous - the Living Puppets accompany the most beautiful times of our children and they comfort and protect. They give you new security every day and are part of your life.

The Living Puppets in 45 cm function like the large 65 cm hand puppets and offer the perfect combination of playability for small children's hands and adult hands. Due to their medium size, they are particularly light and also ideal for small children to cuddle up with.

Important information Hand wash / do not bleach / do not tumble dry / do not iron / do not dry clean. Human hand puppets 45cm.