Romantica Rose & Peony Soap
Thanks to this soap bar's olfactory score, the silent language of a flower's purity can be experienced. A soothing, relaxing Nesti Dante soap bar with fragrant highlights of Florentine rose and peony. After unwrapping, the textured paper makes for an eleg
$ 13.95
Platinum Soap
To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Nesti Dante has created a precious natural soap prepared with Platinum, the most precious of materials. Platinum, thanks to its beneficial qualities, has always been appreciated in ayurvedic medicine as a precious antiox
$ 14.95
Pomegranate Blackcurrant Soap
This refreshing Italian soap is full of the natural goodness of anti-oxidant rich blackcurrants and the hydrating qualities of juicy pomegranates. Made with love and care in Florence according to traditional Italian soap making techniques. 250gm
$ 13.95
Fig & Almond Milk Soap
A Nesti Dante best seller this olive oil based soap is inspired by Tuscan orchards. Enriched with almond protein to soften and soothe the skin, this soap is beautifully blended with notes of green fig. Wrapped in traditional Florentine paper that after us
$ 13.95
Dolce Vivere Pisa Soap
Sensuous, fresh and invigorating, deliciously spontaneous and natural, Nesti Dante's Pisa Soap is imbued with the floral notes of magnolia, apricot blossom and lilac. Made in Italy with love and care.,. Con amore e cura! 250gm
$ 13.95
Red Grapes & Blueberry Soap
An Italian soap bar with a captivating fragrance combination as well as the protective benefits of red grapes and succulent blueberry. Each 250gm bar is extra long lasting due to it's high quality, olive oil based formulation. Made with love and care in I
$ 13.95
Limonum Zagara Soap
Nesti Dante's Limonum Zagara marries the lively freshness of citrus fruits with a sophisticated touch of precious orange blossom. Nesti Dante use saponification to craft each exquisite soap bar - a traditional method that ensures a highly fragrant, long l
$ 13.95
Regina di Peonie Soap
Nesti Dante's floral inspired Regina de Peonie offers an exhilarating tribute to peony... the floral symbol of optimism and eternal beauty. Nesti Dante use saponification to craft each exquisite soap bar - a traditional method that ensures a highly fragra
$ 13.95
Dolce Vivere Sicily Soap
The sunny exuberance of white balconies overflowing with bougainvillea that overlook the calm sea. This stunning location is the inspiration for Nesti Dante's enchanting Sicily Soap. Enriched with the exhilarating perfume sea salt and papyrus, a rare and
$ 13.95
Thermal Water Soap
Capturing the heart, soul and sensibilities of Tuscany, this fresh scented 250gm soap bar works to calm the body and enliven the skin. A best seller, this legendary long lasting soap is made with love and care according to Italian soap making tradition. M
$ 13.95
Philosophia Breeze Soap
A stella soap bar full of citrus zest, red basil and lime. Neste Dante uses the finest plant-based ingredients and fragrances in each soap creation. With precious active ingredients of chlorophyll and bamboo skin is nourished and refreshed. Made with love
$ 13.95
DOLCE Vivere Capri Soap
Close your eyes and think about the best that Italy offers. An energising soap bar full of fragrant goodness. Vibrant notes of sweet orange blossom, juicy mandarin and fresh Italian basil capture the romance and passion of beautiful Capri. Made with love
$ 13.95
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