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New in April/May

We have been busy bee’s throughout April and May! We’ve had lots of new arrivals coming almost everyday and have changed around some areas to make room for all the new products.
Disney lovers will be pleased to see plenty of new figurines including these adorable Disney salt and pepper shakers which come in plenty off different characters — from Mickey and Minnie to Winnie the Pooh and Piglet and of course the Disney Princesses. The Seven Dwarfs figurines have also been a hit, these large Dwarfs even have their own lantern which lights up with a little LED bulb which makes for a great little night light!



We have also had a lot of new 2015 Isabelle Collection Charlie Bears arrive - most of which didn’t last long and have already sold out. However we are expecting more deliveries throughout the year so send us an e-mail if you would like to pre-order any. One of our favourite Mohair Charlie Bears is ‘Bedhead’ (pictured below).

Charlie Bears, Isabelle collection bedhead

Recently, an area of the shop got a big transformation when my sister Emily moved her entire shop ‘Emily’s Day’ in! We are loving the new look and so are lots of you, the response has been wonderful. Be sure to come in and see the new area for yourself, there are lots of new products including clothing, handbags, Tasmanian and Interstate handmade jewellery, books, homewares and more. One of Emily’s most popular ranges at Reliquaire is Nancybird handbags and wallets.



In other news Reliquaire got up with the times and got an Instagram account. Follow us @reliquairelatrobe and tag your pictures with #reliquaire for us to see them. Don’t forget we have Facebook to keep up to date with us too. Thanks for reading, Lauren.

Masks, Elk Accessories, Leather Boots, Tasmanian Wine

Overseas travels

After a busy Christmas and New Year, Kim and I jet-setted off to Europe to find lots of new things for the shop! On this trip we visited London, Belgium, Germany and France just to name a few!

Whilst in London we were very excited to eat at Ottolenghi’s restaurant Nopi (author of cookbooks we sell
Plenty, Plenty More, Jerusalem and more!). Below is a picture of our desserts: coffee and chocolate cakes with maple cream, and apple gingerbread trifle with celery sorbet! I also took a picture of the bathroom at Nopi - perhaps Mr Ottolenghi has visited the Reliquaire Tardis room for inspiration!?



Italy is always special to us due to my Italian family heritage and great love for Italian food (and vino!). One of our favourite food experiences was a small restaurant in Venice where the Papa was out the front bringing in the customers and the Mama was out the back in the kitchen hand making all the pasta - bellissimo! Venice is one of our favourite places to return to - it is where we source all our Venetian masks for the shop! We were surprised to find all the mask-makers we had previously dealt with, and that they remembered us from our previous visits! Many of the Venetian masks have already arrived to us back in Australia so come in for a look or see our online shop for
Venetian masks to buy online.



Also whilst in Italy, we caught up with
Zampiva, the makers of our handmade ceramic figurines. We have ordered lots of new designs which should make Zampiva collectors very happy!

We also made some new stops on this trip - we had never been to Amsterdam before. We didn’t realise we were staying in the old red light district(!) but it is surrounded by beautiful shops and picturesque canals. Their cobblestone bicycle paths share walkways with very few cars, and we loved the museums with the masterpieces and antiques! We even saw some Rembrandt and Van Gogh artwork at the Rijkmuseum.


Van Gogh

Luxembourg was also a great place to visit. The two areas of the city we enjoyed the most were the old town, and the very steep downhill valley full off medieval buildings and walls with small cobblestone pathways. It was snowing whilst we were there so that made it extra magical!



You will need to keep your eyes peeled for all our new European arrivals over the next couple of months! The way is to follow Reliquaire on Facebook, so we can show off all our new homewares, figurines, lights, dolls and toys as soon as they are unpacked!

Renovations in Restoration

In the last couple of months, Kim and Cameron have been working hard (as usual of course!) to make some changes to our Restoration Room.

If you’re a regular to our home renovations area, you may have noticed things are looking neater and tidier than ever before!

DWBH ceramic knobs, brass and cast iron knobs, door handles, tradtional doorknockers

We have some exciting new product ranges, including corbels, brackets, finials, fretwork, ornamental appliqués and timber mouldings. Some of these products we import direct so we are the only stockists in Australia!

tradtional timber corbels, brackets, mouldings

We also have received more stock to increase our range of ships bells, brass and enamel signs and tradtitional plugs for kitchen or bathroom from Plugs by Waterfall.

Another interesting recent arrival is the ethanol burner insert for a traditional cast iron fire grate. Whilst the weather is still a bit cool, you can see one of these on display in the beautiful fireplace at “Emily’s Day”, open Saturdays only 10am-4pm (two doors down from us on the corner.)

ships bell, enamel brass signs, plugs by waterfall, ecosmart vb series

We also now carry a good range of traditional brass and cast iron letter boxes, as seen below. The size and weight of some of the large ones is quite impressive!

large cast iron letterboxes, brass letter box tradtional

We have created more room to display our cabinet locks, escutcheons, push plates and house numbers, and have put up new shelving for our finishing products.
These include shellac, beeswax, tung oil & “Restore-A-Finish” amongst a range of polishes and waxes from Organoil, Howards, Gilly Stephenson’s, Antique Wax and Aussie Furniture Care.

Howards Restor-a-finish, Gilly Stephenson, Organoil, Aussie Furniture Care polish and wax, traditional house numbers, pushplates

We hope to continue increasing the range of restoration and traditional hardware products on our online shop. You can currently buy online
Pressed Tin Panels (pressed aluminium sheets), some polishes and waxes, a small range of traditional lamps and lighting. The best way to have a look at our hardware range is through our online suppliers’ catalogues by clicking here. Of course you can always send us an email at if you are trying to match something and we can see what we can do!

- E

Food, glorious food!

Here at Reliquaire we have always loved our food! In the very beginning, many years ago, we started with Amanti coffee, tea and our ever-popular homemade fudge! In recent years, our food section has certainly expanded to include a large range of local jams & chutneys, Tasmanian wines, oils & vinegars, grains & mueslis and other select produce from Tasmania and the mainland.

In the last couple of weeks we have got in quite a few new lines including French cheeses, curry pastes, pestos, olive smoked salts, cabernet & pepperberry vinegars, specialty chocolates and biscuits - well worth a look for any foodies out there!


Head chef at Reliquaire is of course my mum, Sylvia. She has been making cheeses using our
Mad Millie Cheese Kits for a year or two now, and more recently sourdough bread.
Here are a few tips from her, and she would of course be more than happy to discuss if you are passing through the shop.

Cheese Making
A great place to start with your cheese making is with a Beginner’s Italian or Fresh Cheese Kit. The Fresh Cheese Kit contains everything you need to make up to 7kg of Feta, Halloumi, Cottage or Cream Cheese.
Halloumi is my husband Kim’s favourite, a cheese originating from Cyprus and best eaten grilled.

To make this, you use 4 litres of full fat unhomogenised milk (we use the Ashgrove green label milk from Latrobe IGA), 2 tablets of rennet diluted in 1/4 cup cool water, 2ml of calcium chloride and salt to taste. You can watch a Youtube video on how to make Halloumi by clicking


Everything you need, including full instructions & rennet/cultures are in the kit - you just need your own milk, pot, colander and slotted draining spoon. However, one add on I would recommend to make things easier is the Curd & Jelly Bag ($12.95) so you don’t have to hold your cheese up to drain. We will be receiving more stock of the starter kits and curd bags next week.

Once you get going, there is a whole world of cheese making to explore, including the
Artisan and Specialty Cheese Kits, Top-Up Ingredients Kit and all the cultures/ingredients/tools/moulds sold separately.

Sourdough Bread
Kim and I tried making sourdough last winter with some success, however now we have changed a few things we seem to have got it down pat!

First of all, we have discovered the importance of temperature control. As it comes in to summer, this will be less important, but keeping your culture between 15-25 degrees celsius is ideal.
What Kim has done is drill a hole in an esky (some have a drainage hole anyway), and attach a light fitting inside. A small 7W bulb does the trick at maintaining this temperature.


Our culture (in the jar on bottom left) we believe is has been growing on a farm since 1970s. An integral part of making sourdough is throwing away about half of your culture every day to make room for new growth. Given this, we would be happy to share our culture with any one who wants to give sourdough making a try! Just email or give us a call a day in advance so we can keep some for you!

In the above photo, you can see our dough rising in bread tin (olive salt on top), “sponge mixture” and culture all kept in our temperature controlled esky. Here is our recipe below (borrowed from Hugh from River Cottage!). It takes a day to prepare for baking, but well worth the wait!

Morning Sponge
250g Flour
325ml Water
1 cup culture

  • Add above ingredients & whisk or stir vigorously. Leave your sponge mixture for around 12 hours
  • Top up the culture jar with approx. 2 tablespoons of flour and water - stir to combine
Evening Dough
Your pre-made Sponge Mixture
300g Flour
12g Salt
Optional: some olive oil or other tasty stuff (eg. olives, nuts, seeds)

  • Combine above ingredients, knead to a smooth dough and put in a tin to rise overnight
  • The following day, bake at 220 degrees for around 40 minutes or until golden brown


The final step is to enjoy your hot homemade bread! If you have any questions we would be happy to try and answer them! You can drop in,
contact us or like us on Facebook. Happy cooking! - E

A weekend in Melbourne and Winterfest

It has been a busy start to August with two major events - firstly, a buying trip to Melbourne!

We were due to fly out of Melbourne at midday the same day of the bad storms and power outages across the north of the state... After being bussed to Launceston Airport from Devonport Airport, significant delays and a change of airline we finally arrived for an extended weekend of shopping for the shop!
For those not in retail it is hard to imagine halls upon halls of stallholders that we walk through at these regular trade events, searching for those special items or perhaps the ‘next big thing’!

On the first evening, our sore feet and sore minds were rewarded with a delicious dinner at Saint Crispin in Collingwood (
menu here, highly recommended!).

saint crispin Melbourne

Over the weekend, we ordered with some of our best-loved suppliers and are looking forward to receiving new kids and baby clothes from Rock Your Baby, candles from Voluspa, Disney figurines by Jim Shaw, teddies from Charlie Bears as well as a heap of exciting new pyjamas, jewellery, toys & games and science/education products.

Rock Your Kid Baby Buy Online charlie-bears-razzle-dazzle-snuggley-bear-new-2014-2963-p

By Tuesday afternoon we were exhausted, still felt full from eating out at Stokehouse City and Rockpool (also both recommended!), but certainly glad to be home!

Since arriving home, we have already started to receive new season stock from two of my personal favourites - Elk Accessories and
Nancybird (shoes and clothing in, bags & wallets still to come)! Stay tuned on our Facebook for updates of what else is arriving...

Buy Nancybird Online Handbags Wallets Shoes Sandals Clothing Tasmanian stockist Nancybird Tasmania Buy Online Free Shipping

Our second major event this month was the Latrobe Chocolate Festival or “Winterfest”. This has been an annual event in Latrobe for many years now, and is traditionally one of our busiest days of the year!
This year was no different, with lots of lovely customers and all staff on deck for most of the day. My mum and sister had been making double batches of fudge all week to fill two large fridges out the back as extra supplies. Everyone dressed up as Chocolate Fairies and were buzzing around all day, continually topping up our little fudge fridge at the counter and an outdoor station manned by a freezing fudge fairy out the front!


All in all it was a wonderful weekend as you can tell from these lovely smiles!
If you have any feedback we’d love to hear it - send us an
email or Facebook us! - Emily

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